Monday, October 21, 2013

The Night, At Night

This one time I said to him, “you’re like my brother, only hotter and I can conceivably fuck you.” He smiled a little and took a sip of his drink like he was nervous but he really meant it as a come-on. We had a few more drinks together, getting more loopy in our conversation and more touchy in our feeling. I remember him touching the tip of my ass and saying, “I think we should go”, and I said, “go where?” We didn’t go anywhere, ordered another round of drinks and talked about something that I can’t remember. He later told me we talked about “fuckin’ kids” though I can’t say for certain what he really meant by that.

This one time I said to him, “you’re like my brother” and he smiled like he was and took me out to his back porch and we watched the dark, kissed, listening to the frogs croak and moan like we wanted to but he was my brother so we didn’t.

This one time I said to him, “you’re” and he turned and grabbed my crotch, not saying anything, and turned and left, leaving me hard and hampered and hurt.