Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Oh And Caligula's Mirror Face

aye, caligula the central arousal, the heart. / and its hard fossil

(1) A Word: an Abstraction Abolishes, then Explodes the Knee, the Break, and the Metaphor for a Distinguished Man in Death. 

(2) I should also Note: the Ghostly Fingers Cracking the Dome and Petrified Wood. 

(3) Figuratively: this Encapsulates an Escape. 

(4) And Ushering-In the Era of the Voluptuous Affect’s Lack.

(5) The Difference to Me you See is what this Prompt Plans to Be. 

  (6)  Aye: And All of this Chosen for Chosure.

  (7) You will Raise your Children, so that One Day, you will Forget their Names.

  (8) And Going Back: I Loved you for a Summer, that Appeared to last an Entire Year, or at least, Part
 of a Day, with the Blinds Drawn.

  (9) Or Caligula: for-----------àI have got some Desirous Runs

   (10) I Ought not, so I Sought not, to be a Friend to my Friends. 

  (11) The Anxiety of touching Hands, Noses, Palms Rubbing-Off Hearts and All of Life’s Blunt Blunders

   (12) I Wish my Hunger had held the Anticipation of my Excess 

  (13) Here is a Secret: I’m a Dum-Dum Narrative 

  (14) dum-aloo—[!]” 

   (15) The Braille of Life’s Gallows and Motherfucker, I just don’t know 

   (19) That Musical Pail Structure 

  (20) And Above it all, I am thinking again of “Sfogliatelle and Futility

 (21) Or: My Official is Slogan:------------à“Shut—err || up, Armand~!”

 (22) I Interfere and Bend in Light

 (23) Ah Shit, this is only Because I Care

 (24) And the Meat of the Hunch

 (25) And Don’t You Forget: my Epic Drive to Terrify

 (26) Shhh…”----------àthe Traps here are Deliberately Set and You are not Welcome

 (27) “And Now, it is my Subject’s Turn: / I am Perhaps, a Greedy Description, but Almost Passable. / Through what is Called, the Central Arousal, the Heart. / And its Hard Fossil….”

 (28) The Encroaching Famine and Poor Famer with only one Mule to Sing to

 (29) I Write: The Immediate Release of my Hunger

 (30) Aye: but my Face is Swon.

 (31) And there is Always the Question: will these Gestures Grow Ever-More Precious through their Sheer Repetition; And although, What I am About to Do, Cannot be Forgiven, will these Gestures Grow Ever-More Precious through their Sheer Repetition?

 (32) Just now, I Remembered how Great a Song “this-this” could have Been. 

 (33) All the Numerous Affects Cultivated from my Final Accumulation

 (34) Undoubtedly, this is Becoming, the Lichtenberg of Desirous Repetitions

 (35) An Empty Face is often a Dilapidated Heart and Humorously So.

 (36) This voicevoid Devoids the clap

 (37) Aucune Idée.” She Said.

 (38) And Baby, here comes the Cadence for the Rest of this Sentence

"Armand Capanna" "Armand F. Capanna II"