Tuesday, January 15, 2013


(1) I Will Begin, by Gathering all of my Body Around your Assified Access

(2) in other words:------------------à“Horizon: Pummel Me Close…”

(3) It was Only the Attempt to Fidget around the Face I Thought, was Intruding

(4) This Winter, while Alone in a Snowed-In House for 5 Days, I Routinely thought that throughout the Bosco, I saw My Vapid Twin Staring back at Me

(5) “For Years, I was Limited by what she didn’t Notice”

(6) Funny how Nostalgia can Locate one into every Fault so Comfortably, that Primitively, One Ends-Up Seeking out its Embrace with each Increasingly Mundane and Shitified Turn

(7) The Irony of every Attachment is Oblivious Now

(8) Which was another Curdle of Absence

(9) So to Question my Desires: I Will Desecrate this Fucking Word

(10) The Slurve is the Refinement, or Rather the Audacity of Assumptions, which Ultimately, Points one to, and Dictates:------------àPerhaps I was Mistaken…”

(11) Oh, But it was Mere (-ily) the Fact of the Hard Resistance of the Head being Held Still

(12) “Operatic, Criminal, Unquestionably, Neutered…”

(13) See: this Explains my Intention to Govern

(14) Because: You Hoard all of my Memories of Pleasure

(15) Thus Boxed, or Rather: Thus this City increasingly (is) “All just the Same…” and this very Desire I Must have Sensed in you (in) Once: a Detail of the First Understanding of an Immense Proportion and the Struggling with Hence: how the Space around, ceaselessly Disembodied only to Retract, over the Skin, the Bones and Flipped to (Re)—Embody, What it is, in Us, that Pin-Points that Itching Sense of Arousal, or the Compounding Vigilant Pressure

(16) But Fuck-It”-------àWe Erase the Marks, the Maps, and the Comforts that Envelope us in a Trap of Romance

(17) If this is not True, then it does not Shine Proudly in your Face

(18) And to the Unstable Body: the Stability of a Mistake

(19) Later, when I Can no Longer Restrain Myself, I will be Passing Out

(20) And in this End: What Damages Shall be:-------àShall Be--------àMy-My-My Darling…”