Tuesday, December 4, 2012


(1) A Collapse lets the Grid of this Conspire each Intersection of “Becoming-to” or “Becoming-again” in Relation to what I feel Violently breaking Inside.

(2) Yes: according to this Idiotic World, there is a Precise Amount to which I can reasonably Accommodate to What can Fit into my Ideal Promiscuous Image

(3) Boxed a “Bon-Mot” to Scale

(4) A Beggar in the City’s Suffering

(5) No one Body can realistically Carry within itself, the Totality of (Having) the Sense of this City, yet each Body, which in itself is Malleable, has a Particular Intensity, an Occupying Force, something Alarmingly Disfiguring out of Necessity and thus: each Body, also has the Will-to-Force, It’s Presence upon, All which Come Close, to its Ear, its Eye, its City

(6) In the Manner of Proper Introductions: Armsy: the City; the City: Armsy

(7) The Study for a General Evolution of Violence is Revealing: it doesn’t fucking Evolve

(8) “A Variegation, a Quickly-Recovered Memory, a Manured Festination, a thoroughly well-planned Supper Scene”

(9) I wish Physical Violence wasn’t so damn-fucking Fleeting

(10) That Morning, you Awoke Damaged with Pleasure, Reduced, throughout the Night, from Desire

(11) I will Curse my Enemies with every Kiss I give to You

(12) Baby, A Good Dose of Violence is all we Need to Navigate us, properly, through this World

(13) “As if this was only a Darling Drifting…”

(14) “Well, Pardon Me, Mr. Malnourished—[!]”

(15) “…But this may be the Subject of Disfiguration or Mishapinations…”

(16) Everything, of course, Becomes Novel, once it is Annunciated into a Case of Violent Chance

(17) A Thesis: to Gulp the gap

(18) “And all the City’s Ills found in your Trap…”

(19) Well Folks: Here comes Armsy, and Armsy must admit: He is a Trick gone sore (-ily) wrong”

(20) What Epithet, would Actually End: “Finally…”

(21) He Awakens first, at the Memory of something Seductive

(22) Violence therefore Comes to you as an Act that is Ripped from you

(23) “That very Night, He Came into a Pure Debacle”

(24) Perhaps it is as Simple as This: the Act wants to be Subjected to a Form of Violence, and perhaps, in this Way, it Desires in a more Fundamental, and thus Pure Passion, (than even the one who carries out the Violence in the Act), to be Ravished, in a Primitive way, to the Pound of Violence, or the Threat of an Impending Violence, that it will not only have, against its initial Will, Subjected upon itself, but, in turn, Subject upon its Act, Acting this Violence on Another, which just a Moment ago, was Foretold

(25) And this makes Everything around me, entirely, fucking Suspect