Monday, August 8, 2011

Words On Paper (Nos. 1-3)

Fig. 1 Words, No.1 (2011)


Dumbshits in warrens of words. Strullying the forfeit bend. Enabling the right-said from the left behind. Turning a whodunit on the wheels of conviction. Blasting out the warrant as a war on taste and good sense - the guilty of the remaining guild nothing but a counter-referent to well fitting genes and local games of caboose.

Let the leftovers seed themselves into a new beginning, only this time something new, something that gets gobbled up in the first five minutes.

Fig. 2 Words, No.2 (2011)


This is just how it always is.

Fig. 3 Words, No. 3


Caught by the streetcar that had just thrown him 30 feet, herbalist Jean D├Ęsille, of Vanves, was cut in half.