Tuesday, July 19, 2011

TWITCH (I wanted & wanted & wanted)


() , //----------->that I have given (up) // (to) the Form of a Conjunction becomes the Obstruction in which to avoid naming *this. Thus, stripped of its nominative clause // ------------->remembering being Sung to Sleep () or, handing oneself to one’s immediate (or) demand of one’s closing one’s eyes or, // (on) ---------->the Fragment, the Body or, hanged // (here) hanged () an Absence (as) it were // is (to) & was // becomes the Desire to reinforce (forcing) to () , //------------------>an Execution swung (then) sweeping in(to) Sleep: a sinister syntactical Constriction (wh . // . ich) imposes itself on the lids, the Mind, two Spaces , //------------------>() , // tracing the Side, the Face of (yours) is // facing with my Fingertips, (tipsing) The Body (over)--------->going under an Event which ultimately (ultimately) Escapes me ()---------->having wronged, a form (in which) // I would never Escape , //-------------->(your) Face announcing itself (is) from a Distance () too much slid (in said) of The Body (husked) , //----------------------->all those Memories // all those Memories (we) poured through (all) almost gone (almost) gone through // You (in the Street) briefly // a (breathtaking) Occlusion (so) , //---------------------------->so (so) many ways of dying (so) // executing *this Act (as) in itself (in) // a miscasting comprised of (being) indefensible // I was (devouring) intrusions () escaping past (escapes) // past a (fatal) Fault , //------------------>in *this (principle) the inscription in (each) Step away yields (to Syncope) // the fanatical Distortion of (Bodily) Occlusion () , //------------------------->so that the (last) Drop (becomes) of Terror took // takes (on) a greater Significance , //-------------------------->(and) I know it’s Problematic to say so // (and) so I said it (so) // that bodies (make) make (out) of bodies // (and) *this sutured my Desire , //------------------------>becomes a process of porning (a)propriation (disclosing) a Fist // up(on) the Imposter of Meaning // (meant) imposture () possessing the demand is (is) on // is (on) of // is (on) to : the (present) State: (is) , //------------------------------------->hacking out of its (shell) hacking in(to) *this shell () shall (shawl) what should (shall) // crush (be) // neath(be) () the Weight of it (wasting) away ()--------------------------->(how) hiding secrets in our long (longing) bones // (dis)closed in(on) injunctive’s foremost possession // was of murder, say it // (fucking) murder (fucking) living like an animal ()---------------------------->I’ll threw me away in // a way, trouble (seeing) these Days // seeing it's (you) through the stinkthole (my) little shithole ()----------------------->(been) bent to scale () in a critical state of abeyance or, // deferring the Mouth (forming) away from naming itself (forming) in relation (bends) // the moment crooks an undertaking of The Crook (on) the Body tearing away () speaking its coordinates (speaking) tense // (-ily) , ------------------------------>in misconduct (my) // mobile (mammoth) Occupation (up)//on the Sense () the mind Gorged on (my) under (parts) // the promiscuous Fragment of (*this) Image // because (becomes) each Fold (and) and Bump (and) and when (my) made (my) Flesh (sense) , ------------------------------------>you are dead (a) forecast (cast) in the Present or, backspace (back) standing // (back) on those fucking pedals () in *this Place the feigned maker // of *this Verdict // impossibly speechless and (and) placeless (and) // thus (thus) perhaps I was without a possible drive to “go on” // (at) present or, all was enabling (all) only a stepping (more) sideways (more) to find a place in the (beautiful) Grime ()--------------------------------->(my) my sexy second stutter stop without (stop) going Limp with (with) *this (with) Things what (what) that (that) that’s , ---------------------------->the every (ever) displacement of the absurd // thinking (converges) in the Dump () of *this speaking, without a (without) without, as it were // was consideration of (your) Grace, exposed () the Face, cast in Sun is // , ------------------->(is) of *this Force (is) furnishing the name (is) // pronounced “to come” (is): the tremor of being // is (as) the fault of topological seismicity, in () the Flesh (in) // in which each of Us is strangled ()-------------->at birth // was merely in the Abstract making itself anunciatory or, end of the tiny World (weary) // turning (turning) now The Face to (face) the Wall // in your Face () between the two: Mouth and (and) body are indivisibly a Fist , //----------------->if I let the ending // if I end, further gestures () to (being) single ends to // (being) single (being) // ends until single ends meaning (being) in *this State: I wanted & wanted & wanted so ()---------->(so) wanted to (want) my wants & so , //------------->wanted to (wanted) wants Want (so) , //--------->I wanted & wanted (and) & wanted so (so) wanted (so) , //----------->wanted & (and) wanted (all) my wants // wanted the Want’s want fucking (wanted) all my Wants wanting Want (so)