Tuesday, July 19, 2011

(Parent)hetical Fr(am)es

A sh(udder) p(art) (of t)(he)

sp(read) – the syl(labic) jo(urn)ey

that re(adding) (go)ads the

t(op)pling ar(m, over)-lef(t an)d

s(tea)ding the s(of)ter view.

We (should)er the d(am) – it s(top(s))

the ((whet)(her)) or (not o)f

vio(len)ce (a)s v(oi)ce

as a m(is)h(ear)ing ma(chin)e.

Wh(it)e a(s a d)og

(no)t (goo)d (for)t in the

(for)k in t(he re)aderly ro(ad).

C(all)ing n(am_es, cal(lin)g

ou(t a n)ame the s(am)e.

A (do)g is a d(ug)out d(rag).

B(est) bet as a m(orph)eme of

nuance and c(lust)er, a b(eat)en

re(luc)tance to the (so)und of

straight-f(ace)d se(t-ups) as

b(one)s that (b)r(eak) or are st(ra)igh(t).

Cons(tant)ly, this (situ)ation is

a(live) in a wa(it)ing re(hear)d

re(act)ion to the d(is)cipl(in)es th(at)

wal(low) in the g(ate) of the l(aw).

It m(ove)s and terri(fie)s the l(and)ing

z(one a)s p(art) of the (in)(vita)ti(on to)

s(pace) i(t out) a(s a fur)t(her) p(lac)e to f(urt)h(er).

Wr(it)e a(s a d)(og, not) a(s a d)og

((w)ould s(ay)), say w(hen) cal(led),

but (a(s a d)og w(ou)ld b(ur)y the b(one).