Thursday, April 8, 2010

The Difference Is Selection

Slow wet
thistle down gorged
grumpant. There are
plenty of widows
to go around
this time.

So you
so you wrote
black so
you wrote

My anxiety causes
sleeping defined by
different dreams
then some more
difference (by
hour, by distance
from the sun)
the difference
laid out on a
table. That’s the
w h o l e of I t.

What’s the difference?

I stepped on a dead pigeon earlier this week. The squish was absorbed by my horror. It nestled into my dreck and dead birds are bad luck and I need all the luck I can get. Things seem so continuously falling apart it takes something out of someone somewhere to just say “this is how it is.” But we’re continuing making things as they are or can or should be and they end up being what they are, yet different, depending. All these pretty girls covering up their face. All these daily changes and what does it do? Does it somehow make things different?

A significant change in or effect on a situation:

This difference is always
in or on
the Body. Make it
better. Make
it bleed. Make it
something that isn’t
something anymore.