Monday, April 5, 2010

Chromosome Banding In America

Granted, what’s left to expose the half-life limiting to fractions and a serious of periods period. Unnumbered trust at 128 Wall Street (4th Floor). Plastic beat-downs on the floor counted. Elastic type smiles bounce to frowns (bouncing back like static, rain, or polished wax). It’s early yet. He invests in potential turnaround companies and hostile takeover deals. Some flowers whisper before their petals fall, after the shout of bloom.

Furnace the face a scar can linger else re-doubled as furniture. Sit on it. Finger the face forgetting proper light and shadow. These shadows seem to query the ruse. I believe, future tense, that something is approaching the horizon, catered to Catholic Koreans named Laurie. Request not known. And note the reason.

My shaving skills sidetrack the sideburns and spool out. Let it slip. The school in my yearbooks does not exist anymore. The transitory nature of the school. The I VI IV V.

The divorce chromosomes:

Ex-X Ex-X Ex-
Ex-Y Ex-Y Ex-Y Ex-
Why? Why?Why? Why? Why?

What hands you down flown feather and ZW or ZZ (goodnight). Bottom of Form 2A: The home has 11 rooms and 2 acres of balcony.

The crust of an intimate eye bored over. The mint-toed skeptic ransoms oval and purple and quality justifications for random rape. Pairing occurs between the long arm of the W and the slightly longer arm of the mediocentric Z. A sex vesicle, similar to the one found in the XY placental mammals, does not occur in snakes.

Marry more merry Merri. This is confused. This is generic. I broke more than two bottles of beer before betting on the bottle.

The one who left me.

The sub-order of serpentine attitude, raised before the order of the quell, master of none. I spend this time knowing I will never know, order, or, during the mistakes of gumption lost and sold to the highest bidder. This market frays the elegance of those who desire done. There are two intriguing consequences of having unequal sex chromosomes. Sniping for snippets of glory, the bastard felt. Purport to eleviate the initial insubstantial goo. Finger that face – purple shadow in the corner. The 2nd acre.

I have taken to laying on the horizon as of late. The vertical feels too much like work. The left ventricle.

Unable to instantiate request: Unable to retrieve request: Timeout expired: The timeout period lapsed prior to completion of the operation or the server is not responding.

The stress leveled as the ejection fraction most purposes find faulty. Something regarding trends in genetics. Purpose made plenty. Reconciliation blues. The harder better for it. The ZW pair has a single RN near the distal, synaptic end of the long arm. This displaces the cause of fiction to relegate the end of an era. She said quietly (what did she say?)

I’ve heard things…

The suggestion that females have incomplete dosage compensation.